About Regional Music Industries

Regional music has grown at a rapid pace on all streaming platforms in the past few years principally due to intense mobile broadband internet penetration and the upswing of local superstars.

Haryanvi Music Industry the highly promising industry and 2nd largest spoken language: after and the cousin sister of Punjabi Music Industry in regional Industry/North India, is succeeding Big Regional Market, after having huge footsteps over the past few years has reached a mountainous peak. Traditionally, it was having its roots upto Indian classical and folk music, currently it is loved for its ingenuous language rather than much for video.

Haryanvi content gets consumed significantly in Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, UP West and Delhi.

During the last 2 years, Haryanvi music industry has witnessed a sea change and tremendous growth and even its quite noticeable, catchy Bollywood songs are in Haryanvi dialect.

Let’s have an insight:

Milestone SongsSingersRelease YearViews
Bahu Kale KiGajender Phogat2018572 M
Jug Jug JeeveGulzaar Chhaniwala2019400 M
Gajban 2Vishvajeet Choudhary202050  M
MottoDIler Kharkiya2020529 M
Coco ColaRuchika Jangid2020259 M
52 Gaj Ka DamanRenuka Panwar2020554 M
FeelingsSumit Goswami2020443 M
Left RightSandeep Surila2020222 M

No wonder, a whole new generation of experimentative singers from the state Haryana had given milestone songs. So, primarily it’s content only which prevails high in Haryanvi industry rather than Singers.

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